Max Panels

Create an Amazing Exterior

Retail spaces, commercial offices, residential projects, home renos, agriculture buildings, or workshops. Whatever your build, make sure it stands out and innovative products that last. Maxton wishes our new products can bring our clients an idea: save the earth and the forests with a good looking new product.

Create a Bold Exterior in 2020!

Work some weathering, woodgrain or textured steel into your building to create a bold exterior sure to stand out. VIEW OUR SPECIALTY STEEL PRODUCTS.

Create a Clean Look with Hidden Fastener Panels

Take your project to the next level with hidden fastener panels – available in dozens of colours and unique finishes. VIEW OUR HIDDEN FASTENER PRODUCTS


Building Beyond Roofs with Metal Panels

Metal roofing and siding panels boost the longevity and durability of your buildings.VIEW OUR METAL ROOFING PRODUCTS