LUX meets the test!


LUX Architectural Panel have an impressive array of prduct test results. Check back often for new information on certifications, LEED Points and innovative design developments.


LUX Panel is provides an excellent alternative to wood products for exterior finishing as it does not warp, requires no refinishing, does not absorb water, is impenetrable to insects and has a long life span. LUX panels are a noncombustible, galvanized steel product made in part from recycled material. LUX Panel provides exceptional value and offers one of the best warranties in the industry.

LUX Architectural Panels are manufactured in Canada and can be produced to order in any custom length – providing the end-user with less product waste. LUX Panel has passed important Canadian code and building certifications.

Flame Spread Test

CAN/ULC S102-10, Standard Method of Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials and Assemblies. LUX Architectural Panel Passes with a ZERO flame spread rating and a 5/100 smoke rating.



Download Flame Spread Report

Building Materials Non-Combustibility

CAN/ULC S114-5, Standard Method of Test for Determination of Non-Combustibility in Building Materials. LUX Architectural Panel Passes with a ZERO Flaming and ZERO Material Loss.



Download Non-Combustibility Report

Tube Furnace Test

ASTM E136-16, Report of testing for Behavior of Materials in a Vertical Tube Furnace at 750°C.
LUX Architectural Panel Passes with a ZERO Flaming and ZERO Loss of material.



Download ASTM E136-16 Report

Important Building Codes

LUX Architectural Panel passes all the building codes that are required for you to safely and securely use LUX for your next project.

LUX Architectural Panel meets and conforms to the CGSB-93.4-92 as per standards Council of Canada, National Research Council Canada, National Building Code of Canada. It meets the building codes required to be applied to your residential and commercial projects.

LUX Architectural Panel also passes the ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test and can be used on all your coastal projects!

Wind Load Test

View our NRC-CNRC wind load test in which LUX Architectural Panel Passes “…no permanent deflection or visually apparent degradation was observed in the cladding”.



Download Wind Load Report


LUX Specifications!

Our most up to date specification and submittal package documents.

Section 07 46 19F

LUX Architectural Panel Specifications
Section 07 46 19F



Specification Section 07 46 19F

Section 07 46 19S

LUX Architectural Panel Specifications
Section 07 46 19S



Specification Section 07 46 19S

Section 07 46 19R

LUX Architectural Panel Specifications
Section 07 46 19R



Specification Section 07 46 19R


More LUX Resources!

LUX 25 Year Warranty

Download and View the LUX Architectural Panel 25 year Product Warranty.



Download 25 Year Warranty

LUX Paint Specifications

PVDF paint coating

LUX uses premium paint coatings

PVDF Coating (polyvinylidene flouride) commonly know by its trade name, KYNAR Coating, is one of the highest grades of steel finishing coatings available on the market. PVDF is well know for its ability to maintain its finish and colour for extensive periods of time without chalking or fading. Designed to withstand extreme weather and atmospheric conditions, PVDF creates a thick film barrier that is highly resistant even to solvents and acids.

PVDF is the predominate choice when highest levels of purity and finish are required and it can be seen on some of the most important architectural projects around the globe.

PVDF Paint Specifications

LUX Brochure

Get a copy of the latest brochure!



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LUX Catalogue

Get a copy of the latest catalogue!



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