Design flexibility with performance

LUX Architectural Panel provides the reliability of prefinished steel with a variety of finish options allowing for stunning architectural solutions.

LUX Panel is provides an excellent alternative to wood products for exterior finishing as it does not warp, requires no refinishing, does not absorb water, is impenetrable to insects and has a long life span. LUX panels are a noncombustible, galvanized steel product made in part from recycled material. LUX Panel provides exceptional value and offers one of the best warranties in the industry.

LUX Architectural Panels are manufactured in Canada and can be produced to order in any custom length – providing the end-user with less product waste. LUX Panel has passed important Canadian code and building certifications.

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LUX is a metal siding that provides creative design solutions for contemporary commercial and residential construction projects. Get a quote for your project from Maxton!