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About us


Team LUX Okanagan – The Holomises


Maxton was brought to life from our belief in quality building materials and providing the Okanagan with stylish and durable products, our beautiful part of the country deserves. LUX Architectural Panel was the first product we started distributing to our clients as we believed in their motto “Bold, Timeless, Durable,” and we saw an excellent opportunity to grow with LUX. Today we are the biggest distributor of LUX products in the Okanagan as this innovative product has provided us with the opportunity to sell everything from wood-grain V-Groove siding to products from LUX’s “Metal Craft Series” like custom privacy screen made out of one of LUX’s proprietary Metallic finishes. Sharing in your Vision to make your project unique and beautiful is why Maxton Panels and Lux Architectural Panels have teamed up to fulfill that Vision.  We look forward to serving you and providing you excellence in product and customer service.



Being involved in their own home build for nearly 5 years, made Paulette understand better than most, the importance of communicating and understanding customer’s questions and needs. Coming across LUX, was by researching the market for something beautiful, maintenance free and considerably more affordable than what the competition offered, was a no brainer when it came to installing LUX on their own personal home.
Fast forward almost 4 years later, and our own Lady LUX, is passing on her passion for people, product quality and customer communication through her vast experience in customer relations and logistics for a past International Aircraft business. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone more knowledgeable and dedicated to the LUX line, than Paulette.
When not talking to clients, visiting jobsites, meeting with architects, builders and installers, you’ll find Paulette enjoying a run or spending time with family and friends.


We like to refer to Brent as MacGyver and someone you’d want on a deserted island with you. With his aircraft manufacturing background and his engineering mind, there’s hardly anything that Brent can’t figure out. There to help with technical support whether that’s an installation question or a custom job that needs special attention, Brent can assist LUX customers with all those needs.
Dedicated to the LUX brand, Brent is passionate about making sure each customer has the right answers so that each job runs as efficiently and as smoothly as possible. With so many LUX options, Wall panels, Soffits, Random Plank, Folded Wall, Privacy Fence and custom work, when it comes to those extra details needed to complete the order, Brent is happy to assist in making sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed.
Brent’s passion is work, somehow that is what he finds the less stressful so when he’s not at his desk, he’s enjoying time with the ones he loves the most, his family and friends.


The Holomis Team, your LUX Okanagan Distributor:
knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate.


Panels for Every Application – Browse our available panels for Agricultural, Commercial, Residential and Architectural Applications. Looking for something unique? Contact Maxton Panels to discuss custom panel options.

FC-36 Panel Strongest 3/4″ Panel
II/6– Ideal Durable Interior Panel
1/9 Panel– Cleaner, Smoother Look
FA Panel– Architectural Panel
FR Panel– Reverse Architectural Panel
7/8″ Corrugated– 36″ in 26 and 24 Gauge
FormaLoc– Long Clean Lines



Maxton Panels offers 5 hidden fastener panel systems for roof, wall, soffit, facia and accent applications. Learn more about each panel below to determine what works best for your next project. Contact Maxton Panels to discuss custom panel options.

Forma Loc– Standing Seam Panel
Forma Plank– Wall Plank Panel System
Interloc– Wall & Soffit Panel
Nail Strip– Heavier Gauge Standing Seam
Mechanical Loc– Commercial Grade Standing Seam Panel



The Interloc Wall & Soffit Panel System is a smooth wall panel that can be installed both horizontally and vertically, and is commonly used as a soffit panel with perforations. Contact Maxton Panels to discuss custom panel options.

INTERLOC12– Roof & Wall with 8″ – 12″ coverage
INTERLOC8– Light gauge steel cladding with wide flat pans.
INTERLOC75 REVEAL– 0.5″ Reveal


Get a longer lifespan and more design possibilities with our steel upgrade on the popular Board & Batten cladding panel. The batten extrusions provide long clean lines and the shadows they create add dimension and interest to any building design, especially when paired with our Textured Colour Series. Contact Maxton Panels to discuss custom panel options.


Maxton provides a full line of steel roofing and siding trims up to 26’10” long. We also offer other variations of standard trim, as well as custom trim options. Contact Maxton Panels to discuss custom panel options.