The Brilliantly Innovative Design of the LUXLAP Panel creates an architecturally refined aesthetic unparalleled in the metal cladding industry.

LUXLAP means virtually seamless joining of V-Groove for expansive uninterrupted runs while accommodating the mixing of multiple LUX colours to create vibrant contemporary designs all with the convenience of purchasing LUXLAP through a stocking pre-boxed program!


The proprietary design of the LUXLAP Panel creates an architecturally refined aesthetic unparalleled in the cladding industry. LUXLAP Panels fit perfectly into the back of another panel, meaning that LUX can be installed without interruption by a Joiner Trim or unsightly butt joint. Instead, LUXLAP’s interlocking design and 24-gauge galvalume steel provide superior rigidity with hidden seams at infinite lengths. The LUXLAP also efficiently works in combination with the LUX custom length program, so you can save money when you need different length panels to complete your project.


The LUXLAP V-Groove is easy to buy, easy to transport and easy to install!
With stocking dealers across the U.S.A. and Canada, LUXLAP is the beautiful and durable metal siding you were looking for!


The LUXLAP Panel is sold by the BOX and is available in the proprietary Knotty Woodgrain Colours. Each box contains either ten or eight 12’ long panels covering 40sq. ft and 48sq.ft respectively. LUXLAP Panel seamlessly integrates with the LUX custom length cladding program so you can mix and match as needed!

The LUXLAP currently comes in 4 inch and 6 inch V-Groove.

4-inch box info:
Each individual box of contains 10 V-Groove Panels that are 12 feet long.
The total coverage of each box is 40 Sq.Ft.
The total weight per box is 65lbs

6-inch box info:
Each individual box of contains 8 V-Groove Panels that are 12 feet long.
The total coverage of each box is 48 Sq.Ft.
The total weight per box is 68lbs

*If you would like a colour not stocked in the box program for your project, reach out to us or your local LUX cladding rep to check availability!


The LUXLAP V-Groove creates seamless beauty when used as a siding or a soffit.
If your design dreams include an endless and seamless aesthetic, then LUXLAP is an aesthetic dream come true.


Like all our products, the LUXLAP is designed to be a sleek and contemporary cladding product that offers substantial durability while also providing incredible value without sacrificing beauty.

The LUXLAP builds on the incredible success of the V-Groove cladding program but takes it to another level through the combination of technical innovation with our proprietary variegated woodgrains.

The LUXLAP aesthetic functions in two different but very complementary ways;

Firstly, the LUXLAP cladding eliminates the need for added joiner trims, unsightly butt jointing, and improvised overlapping methods. These issues have plagued architects, designers, and applicators for years! but no more! Our proprietary LUXLAP uses a nesting insert design that allows one panel to seamlessly fit into the back of the next with no overlapping or unsightly gaps. This effectively allows expansive runs of beautiful woodgrain cladding with no need for trims or breaks imposed on aesthetic perfection. Not only that, you are actually saving money by not requiring additional trims, and the time it takes to install them. To make it even more appealing, the LUXLAP is being stocked throughout North America, so you can simply acquire the cladding product and colour you need without waiting for a specific production order.

The second innovative feature of the LUXLAP is that it allows the mixing of panel colours and patterns to create increasingly realistic-looking woodgrain patterns and unique design innovations never before seen in the steel cladding industry. The new LUXLAP also reduces pattern repeat, which is seen in many other Aluminum, PVC and Steel woodgrain siding options. The nature of the LUXLAP allows for different variations of woodgrain to be mixed, creating an incredibly realistic wood layout without noticeable repeat patterning.


The LUXLAP V-Groove has many colours to choose from including the ever popular Knotty Woodgrain selection.
Although the colours listed below are part of our stocking program, contact us or your distributor to see if you can special order other LUX Colours.


    Knotty colours only available in the LUXLap Box Program and Metal Craft Series Products. Contact LUX or your distributor for more info.

  • Knotty Chestnut

  • Knotty Desert Oak

  • Knotty Ebony

  • Knotty Redwood

  • Knotty Teak


    Colour and pattern of samples will change from screen to screen. Actual product is batch sensitive.

  • Ceder

  • Classic Cherry

  • Kona

  • Fir

  • Suede

  • Walnut


The LUXLAP V-Groove has all the performance LUX is famous for, including a 40 Year Non-Prorated Warranty
The LUXLAP has amazing performance against fire, wind, corrosion and with a KYNAR 500 paint finish, it will look sensational for a lifetime.

The Technical.

LUX Architectural Products are extensively certified and tested so you can count on them to perform beyond expectation!

LUX has been Certified by the Government of Canada via the National Research Council of Canada. The NRC oversees the Canadian Construction Materials Certification which is a rigorous set of tests to prove a building product can meet stringent quality criteria. The LUX CCMC number is CCMC: 14137-L

LUX meets and conforms to the CGSB-93.4-92 as per standards Council of Canada, National Research Council Canada, National Building Code of Canada.

LUX passes the CAN/ULC S102-10 with ZERO Flame Spread and a 5/100 smoke rating, making it a Class A rating.

LUX passes the National Research Council of Canada – Wind Load Test with “…no permanent deflection or visually apparent degradation was observed in the cladding.”

LUX passes the ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test and can be used on all your coastal projects!

For more tests and to download information please go to our Resources page.

If you want to use a LUXLAP on your next project or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!