Armour Side

Armour Side is manufactured to handle ever changing environments and has been rigorously tested and approved to meet the high standards of sustainability. This quality of material allows you to spend more time on the important things in life and less time worrying about maintaining your siding.

Why choose Armour Side for your next project?

  • Minimal maintenance. Simply rinse with a garden hose twice a year.
  • Durability. Armour Side products are created out of triple coated SMP (Silicone Modified Polyester) paint on 28 Gauge Galvalume Steel
  • Armour Side is made from steel, so it is non-combustible and has a Class A Fire Rating. That means no melting, cracking, or damaging even from your BBQ!
  • Resists mold, moisture, & insects.
  • Steel also means it is impervious to insects and plant growth, such as moss.
  • Sustainable. Fiber cement, vinyl and PVC cladding are simply not environmentally friendly materials. These materials are not recyclable and will generally end their life cycle in a landfill. The Recycled Content of our steel is 5% Pre-Consumer and 15-20% Post-Consumer with the documentation information required for LEED submittals.