LUX fascia.

Drop Down and Ribbed Fascia

LUX Architectural Products Fascia is an excellent choice to complete your project, as it combines the advantages of LUX Steel with the added benefit of you being able to match your soffit to the rest of the LUX materials used on your design.

LUX offers two styles of Fascia: the Classic Ribbed and the WestCoast Drop-Down.

The Classic Fascia is a durable design that works well when you want your soffit to meet your fascia at a clean 90-degree angle. This design is easy to install, maintains a modern aesthetic, and due to the ribbing, maintains an even and linear finish once installed.

The WestCoast Drop-Down is a contemporary fascia that gives an architecturally prominent front surface, raising the level of the fascia to an architecturally relevant design element. The drop-down nature of the fascia also adds surface layers to the soffit and fascia as they sit at different levels, adding an exquisite architectural detail. The nature of the forming of the WestCoast Drop-Down, as well as its unique attachment points, makes this panel very rigid and therefore forms clean and even architectural lines. It is named after the popular large cedar fascia’s used on the west coast of Canada and the US. Unlike Cedar though, LUX will never dry out or need to be refinished!

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