Maxton Fence Architectural FAQ’S.

  • What is the standard size for your Fences?

    The MFP fences come standard 6 ft wide (71” center to center post) and can be as high as 7 ½ ft per section.

  • What happens if you have a space that is not as wide as 6 ft?

    The MFP fence panels along with top and bottom rails can be cut to accommodate a shorter width.

  • What color and material options are available?

    MFP fence comes in a Charcoal Gray composite material (only available color in the composite) as well as Metal panel choices in Corrugated and in 5.5” Panel choices.  The Metal panels are quoted based on color choice, starting with Galvalume/Galvanized, Solid Colors, Textured Colors, Woodgrain and even Weathering Steel.  The Solid colors are offered in 24 different colors, Textured in 4 colors and Woodgrain in 6 color choices.

  • What style of fences do you offer?

    We can offer Full Privacy, Mid Trellis and Full Trellis in our Charcoal Gray Composite material. In our Corrugated Panels, we offer Full Privacy only and in our Metal Panels, we can offer Full Privacy or Full Trellis style.

  • What is your normal time frame for ready to pick up or deliver once the order is confirmed?

    Our Gray Charcoal Composite with all the other accessories needed, are normally in stock.  Just let us know your LFT with style and with 2 -3 days notice, we can have it packed and ready to go.  The Metal Panels are a special order item, specific to your color choice and style, so it takes about 3 – 4 weeks from the time the order is confirmed to receive it.

  • Do you do installations?

    No, we don’t do installations, we are supply only but these fences are DIY friendly or if you prefer not to tackle the project yourself, we have preferred installers that we work with.

  • Can you do gates?

    Gates are custom with sizes ranging between 32” to 48”.  Gates are quoted based on size, material choice and color.

  • Are your posts and accessories available in any other colors?

    Right now all our post and accessories are in our standard black powder coated aluminum.

  • How are the post installed?

    You have the option to mount with our post base if you have a solid surface like concrete or you can do a ground mount with either the posts in the ground or a concrete pile mounting the post base on the concrete piles.

  • What if I have an angle that is not 90 degrees?

    We have a special angle piece that mounts onto the post and can be moved to whatever angle is needed.

  • How can I get a quote?

    We are always happy to help you figure out the cost.  If you aren’t doing the installation, we’ll refer you to one of our preferred installers as they’ll offer you a supply and install cost.  If you are doing the installation yourself, we’ll ask you to measure out your space, send us a rough Bird’s Eye View sketch of your layout with any added comments, and we’ll be happy to quote accordingly.

  • What will I have to do to maintain my fence once installed?

    Glad you asked.  Our MFP fence is maintenance free.  No painting, no staining, only the occasional spray down with clean water and she will look as good as new.  Why spend your time, painting and staining when you can be on your deck admiring your beautiful new MFP fence.