LUX Architectural FAQ’S.

  • Who is Maxton Panels?

    Maxton Panels is a supplier of the LUX Architectural Products and Formasteel Products for the Okanagan Valley including Kamloops to the US Border and every location in between.  We also service the Kootenays and can assist/ship/deliver product anywhere in BC.  Maxton was first to introduce the LUX product in the Valley in 2016 and became exclusive Okanagan Distributor for Formasteel in early 2020.   We work with homeowners, builders, developers, designers, installers and architects to educate them about the great benefits of the LUX Architectural Products and the Formasteel Products. That’s why, Maxton Panels is regarded as the Premier Distributors of both these fine products.

  • Where are you located?

    Our showroom is located at Unit 103, 2500 – 53 Avenue in Vernon, BC.  We’re logistically in the middle of our distribution area BUT can meet with clients on site if needed.  We’re also available to show clients the products first hand at our Vernon showroom or send samples out as needed.  No one in the Valley knows and understands the product better than Maxton Panels, and no one can provide better service, technical support and pricing.

  • What are your office hours?

    Our showroom is normally opened Monday to Thursday, 9:00 to 4:00, Fridays, 9:00 to noon.  Appointment times can be made for after hours and for Saturdays.  On rare occasions, we may be closed during our regular business hours to meet with builders, architects and designers, so we really encourage you to contact us in advance to make sure we’re at the showroom.

  • What is LUX Architectural Products?

    Lux is a 24 Gauge Galvalume Coated (ASTM A792) Steel, with the highest grade of corrosion-resistant coating on the market.  It comes in 4” and 6” V Groove panels as well as the Random Plank and Folded Wall applications.  Also available are the Double 7” Vented and Smooth Soffit, Fascia, Privacy Screen, Custom Post wraps as well as other Custom options.

  • What is Formasteel Products?

    Formasteel Products are a combination of 29, 26 and 24 Gauge (ASTM A792) Steel, also with the highest grade corrosion-resistant coating on the market.  Formasteel has a vast line of profiles, including Corrugated, Board and Batten, Forma Plank, Ship Lap and even Metal Roofing.  They do both hidden and exposed fastener in tons of profiles.

  • Why LUX and Formasteel?

    We love both companies.  They are reputable, creative, stand behind what they produce plus both do different profiles that allow us to offer our clients as much choice and variety in Metal (steel) products.   The diversity of both gives our clients the best of both worlds in profiles and colors.

  • How many colors are offered with the LUX product?

    The LUX Architectural Products are available in 37 Colors, including Woodgrain, Textured and Metallic.  All products are available in these 37 colors as well as an additional 19 Solid Colors.  They do specialize in their own unique color palette only available via LUX.

  • How many colors are offered with the Formasteel product?

    Formasteel also has a wide array of colors with their prime focus on their Solid Colors.  They also offer 6 Woodgrain and 5 Textured colors to give clients an excellent choice, plus the very cool Weathering Steel.

  • Where can the LUX and Formasteel products be installed?

    Both companies offer a variety of profiles. They can be installed as an exterior application or an indoor installation.  The LUX products are usually used as an exterior accent or highlight piece, while indoors can be used as a feature wall, a fireplace design, a ceiling application or even on an island. Formasteel offers many of their profiles as a complete exterior installation (Board and Batten, Ship Lap, Corrugated) Both can usually be installed vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.  Your installation choice is only limited by your imagination.

  • What lengths can the LUX product be ordered?

    The LUX 4” and 6” V Groove panels which come in Smooth or Vented are available in custom cuts between 48” and as long as 288”.

    Their Knotty Series is available in their LuxLap program, boxed in 10 units for the 4” and 8 units in the 6” profile.  These are cut to 144” with a ¾” lip.  Other colors available in both Custom and LuxLap are Fir, Dark Cherry, Walnut, Espresso, Saddle and Cedar

    The Folded Wall Application allows you lengths of 10 ft, 13 ft and 20 ft x 12” wide.

    The Random Plank design allows you lengths of 10 ft or 13 ft in 3.5”, 6.5” and 9.5” with a 1” Reveal.

    The Double 7” Soffit (smooth and vented) come in the standard 12 ft length x 14” wide but can also be ordered in custom lengths

    Panel trims are currently available in 10 ft lengths.
    Folded Wall trims are available in 10 ft lengths.
    The Random Plank trims are available in both 10 ft or 13 ft lengths
    Soffit Trims are available in 10 ft lengths.

  • What lengths can the Formasteel Product be ordered in?

    Most of the Formasteel Products can be custom ordered from 62” up to 312”.  They will allow for cuts under 62” for a small fee.

    Trims are currently 10 ft in length and soffit can be custom ordered from 62” up to 312”.  Due to production, most panels are ordered grouped in 4’s and we can assist our clients in making sure their orders comply.

  • Does Maxton Panel also do the Installation?

    We pride ourselves on knowing the LUX and Formasteel products, assisting our clients with their projects by quoting, ordering, handling the logistics and assisting with all and any tech support.  Although, we have the knowledge and support for installing, we leave that up to the experts.  We have worked with several, reputable installers who have the same philosophy as us, honesty, integrity and stand behind their workmanship and we are happy to refer you to one of our Preferred Installers if needed.

  • Why choose Lux Architectural Panels or Formasteel Products?

    Created as a no maintenance product that was made affordable, the LUX Architectural Panels and the Formasteel Products with their Building code certifications and 40 year finish warranty, make them an excellent product that will last for generations to come.  Easy to install, bold, timeless, durable and  make the custom cut products an easy choice.  Trusted companies, building excellence and pride in every profile they build.

  • How long are your delivery times?

    Delivery times can vary based on size of order, color chosen and time of year.  Although most of our orders can be ready between 1 – 2 weeks, we encourage everyone to allow a minimum of 3 weeks from the time of order to the time of delivery to insure the product is on site when the trades are requesting the product be on site.

  • How do we place an order?

    Most homeowners or builders have a preferred installer.  We encourage them to contact us of which we will go over the procedure to place an order to insure that it is accurately ordered and that the client gets what they have requested.  Aside from color choice, the panel size, the profile and the CUT LIST, we also need the trims list to be able to do a proper quote.  We’ll do a quote, get your approval and then discuss delivery and make sure all options have been discussed before the order is officially placed.  At any time if the installer/builder needs guidance with their CUT LIST and TRIMS, we have tech support available, to insure the proper components are ordered.  Once an order is confirmed, it cannot be changed.

  • How will we receive the order?

    Most orders are crated.  We’ll take care to handle the logistics from the factory to your home base freight dock which is at our cost.  You will have the option to pick up the order at the shipping dock OR have us arrange to have a Hiab service deliver it on site for a fee.  Those details are all discussed at the time of your order.

  • What if I miscalculated panels or trims, do I have to order a minimum quantity?

    Miscalculations or a request to do a larger surface after the order is placed and delivered can happen.  There are no minimum order requests whether that is panels or trims but for any order under 300 sq ft, the shipping cost will be incurred by the receiver.  It can still take 1 – 2 weeks to receive the product so we are adamant that you do your best to be as accurate as possible when placing your initial order to prevent any unnecessary delays and added shipping costs.

  • What is the warranty on the LUX Architectural Products and Formasteel Products?

    Reputation is everything for both LUX Architectural Products and Formasteel Products, that’s why both of them have a 40 Year Finish Warranty, that the product maintains its original color throughout its life.  Both companies as well as Maxton warranty that when you receive the product it is in pristine condition without manufacturer’s defect.

  • The Maxton Promise

    The Maxton philosophy is based on the commitment established by both Lux Architectural Panels and Formasteel Products with the simple value of genuine integrity, industry leading craftsmanship and the highest quality customer service that all our clients have come to know and expect. We at Maxton Panels will always, always put you, the client, first.