Mid-Trellis Fence

Mid-trellis style is the second generation of a privacy fence. Mid-trellis style has a similar installation and style to Privacy style, but Mid-trellis provides another fancy style for clients to choose. Because this fence is easier for ventilation and communication,this fence is more suitable for close neighbourhoods. We believe that this product can do a good job as a complement of garden design or indoor partitions.


Full-Trellis Fence

The Full-Trellis Fence gives you some privacy without being closed off completely. This will allow for circulation and more light to come through yet giving you some privacy in- or outdoors.


Privacy Fence

The Privacy Fence is very popular in city neighbourhoods where you want to gain some privacy in your backyard. Compared to a traditional rail fence, this fence not only has better mechanical properties and a durable lifespan, but also looks great and is easy to install.

Standard sizes (WxH) are 1800x1800mm or 2000x1800mm