LUX Fencing Products.

Available in stunning colourways & woodgrain panels

If you love the warm look of natural wood but want to avoid the frustrating reoccurring maintenance involved, if you have to comply with non-combustible home requirements, or just want a contemporary installation that will stand the test of time, look no further than LUX fencing. Our state-of-the-art privacy screen and fence products can be installed with or without spacers and in any one of our beautiful LUX colours, offering a level of customization and versatility unavailable with traditional home building materials. Whether you’re accenting a sleek modern home with an equally refined partition or adding a touch of knotty wood textures to take your outdoor leisure area to the next level, the ingenious design of the LUX products makes it the ideal product for any fence application.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own stunning LUX fence or looking to stock our LUX Architectural Products for future projects, contact us today to learn how to begin the order process.

LUX Privacy Fence.

When designing an outdoor leisure area, whether it’s a patio, pergola, or simply a space to relax, peace and quiet can be an essential feature in finishing the project. No one wants the tranquillity of their space ruined by prying eyes, unnecessary noise, or invasive pets. But a partition can do more than just block out undesirables. If constructed of the right materials, it can add a flourish of style and colour to your space that lends to the atmosphere and aesthetic of the application for which you installed it.

However, with LUX Architectural Products, not only do you get fence panels that provide the necessary functions you’re after but our proprietary steel cladding technology will reduce the maintenance and repairs needed dramatically. Furthermore, our panels are easy to install and are an affordable option that will last through harsh changes in weather in ways that traditional materials cannot compete.

Tips for Fence Panels.

If properly installed and expertly designed, a privacy fence can be an investment that adds value to your home and property. That is why it is extremely important that your LUX panels are installed professionally and correctly. The last thing any home builder or homeowner wants is to spend the money on a project that ends up looking terrible, requires constant repairs, or doesn’t sufficiently fulfill the purposes of the installation.

Luckily, there are tips and tricks that can help ensure your LUX privacy fence looks stunning and endure over time. The following is a list of advice and resources to help you get the most out of LUX:

  • Accurately plan your design and the best strategy to execute it: By creating a detailed and accurate design plan for your installation, you can save time, money, and stress that accrues from last-minute changes, lack of supplies, or unorganized installation practices.
  • Use LUX installation resources and guides: LUX Architectural Products provides a wide array of installation guides, videos, information about certifications, warranties, specification documents, marketing materials and more to help our clients utilize our privacy fence correctly and effectively.
  • Contact LUX for more information, advice, or products: If our installation resources are missing an answer to a question you have, feel free to contact us any time via phone, email, or through our website. We’ll be happy to help you with your LUX products.
  • Search online for inspiration: Before you begin designing and planning the placement of your project, research ideas and inspiration online. This ensures you will be happy with the aesthetic of your finished project and helps avoid last-minute, impulsive, and expensive, alterations.
  • Hire a professional installer: Although our products are designed specifically to be easy to install, we strongly suggest you hire a professional installer to ensure your project is installed properly and efficiently. Mistakes during installation can be costly, ugly, and require ordering more products.
  • Research the materials: All LUX panels are made of 24-gauge, Galvalume coated Steel, including our fences. This means they will last much longer than traditional privacy fence materials such as wood or vinyl. However, steel home building materials may face other issues depending on a variety of factors. Be sure to understand the product, the strengths and the limitations of its application in your privacy fence project.
  • Understand the climate in which your home resides and how that can affect installation or repairs: Similar to the point above, make sure you understand how the climate your home resides in can affect the materials, the installation, or any other factors regarding your privacy fence.
  • Find a colour or woodgrain that matches your home aesthetic: Finally, when planning a new privacy fence project, be sure to take a look at the many colours and woodgrains LUX provides for our fencing. Mix and match or find a colour that suits your home, aesthetic, and style.

If you have other questions or require more details about our products, or installation practices, contact LUX Architectural Products.

LUX Neo Lumber Privacy Screens.

The LUX Privacy Screen, created primarily from LUX Neo Lumber, is different than any other privacy screen system on the market in several valuable ways. Unlike a preformed PVC or aluminum extrusion, LUX products are created from unique steel “lumber” created by us in our manufacturing facility. The nature of the manufacturing process means that we can generate screens and lumber in virtually any dimension, making way for almost limitless home design possibilities. A major benefit of our in-house manufacturing process is that LUX can either produce a privacy screen system that is complete and ready to go or provide you with the LUX Neo Lumber to build your own specialized screen system. And the best part? LUX Neo Lumber is surprisingly affordable, making them a great alternative to more costly and less versatile options on the market.

Privacy Screens vs. Fences.

If you are looking to create comfortable, private spaces in your backyard or garden, both a privacy screen and a fence can provide that option. However, there are many differences between a fence and a privacy screen that can help you determine which is the right option for your home. When determining which product is right for you, there are essential questions to ask before installation. Questions such as:

  • How much privacy is required?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Where is the fence or screen going to be installed?
  • What is the primary purpose of the installation?

Once you determine the answers to these questions, you will be able to decide which LUX product works the best for your home. If you require more information about whether a fence or privacy screen is right for you, feel free to contact LUX Architectural Products any time and we will be happy to guide you.

Installation Details.

Our extremely versatile cladding combines innovation with traditional installation techniques to create products that are simple for any experienced professional to install. This allows for a clean, stress-free installation that will maintain its home appeal for years to come. No pesky maintenance, replacing rotted wood, or struggling with buckling or warping vinyl materials. With the warmth of natural wood and the durability of 24-gauge, galvalume coated (ASTM A792) steel, our products will stand the test of time and ensure your fence or screen provides sufficient coverage while also adding a beautiful accent to your home, business, or project.

Privacy Fence FAQ.


    A privacy fence or privacy screen made from our innovative LUX cladding materials will last far longer than a privacy screen or fence made from traditional materials, they will be more durable, and easier to install. All LUX products, including our privacy screen and fence products, are made from 24-gauge steel, which is why our products last much longer than a privacy screen made out of wood, vinyl, or other plastics. Our privacy screen products are also available in a wide variety of colours ensuring your next project is not only effective but beautiful as well.


    All LUX screen and fence products are created out of  24-gauge, galvalume coated (ASTM A792) Steel meaning you have the highest grade of corrosion-resistant coating on the market. This means you are receiving a screen or fence that is long-lasting, durable, and requires much less maintenance and repairs than other products on the market.


    We offer a 40-year finish warranty on all of our screen products, which is almost three times as long as any powder-coated aluminum extrusions or PVC products on the market. If you want long-lasting fence or screen products, LUX Architectural Products has got you covered.


    We have an impressive selection of woodgrain, metallic, and textured colours, available for our privacy fence or privacy screen products. Contact us today for more information on colour availability.