Always developing, always evolving, LUX has limitless applications.

A brilliant thing about our steel is that through time-tested processes and some innovative design thinking, you can create an endless array of products and custom applications. This comes at very little expense when compared to many other product types and it does not compromise the integrity of the product or finish. We have our own in-house design team, who are always creating new & specialty products.


The LUX Privacy Screen, created from LUX Neo Lumber, is different than any other screen system on the market in several valuable ways. Unlike a preformed PVC or aluminum extrusion, LUX Privacy Screen is created from unique steel “lumber,” created by us in our manufacturing facility. The nature of the manufacturing process means that we can generate screens and lumber in virtually any dimensions, making way for almost limitless design possibilities. A major benefit of our in-house manufacturing process is that LUX can either produce a privacy screen system that is complete and ready to go or provide you with the LUX Neo Lumber to build your own specialized system. And the best part? LUX Neo Lumber and Privacy Screen are surprisingly affordable, making them a great alternative to more costly and less versatile options on the market.