Due to the booming development of industrialization, we are facing global warming, polar melting, climatic anomaly, sand storm, desertification and other problems. Therefore environmental concepts and a sustainable future are now the topic of the world.

WPC is a new composite materials which can be a excellent substitution to real wood. The better performance and workability are even better than real wood. We spare no effort to popularize this new product and make it know to more and more people.

Maxton wishes our new products can bring our clients an idea: save the earth and the forests with a goodlooking new product.

    Fully recyclable

   Resistant to UV rays

   Resistant to water, steam, humidity, salty or chlorinated water

   Can be washed with a pressure washer

   Contains no lead

   Resistant to fungus and mold

   Simple and fast mounting

   Resistant to tree pests


   100% ecological

   Resistant to hot or cold, temperature fluctuations and
             the impact of the sun