LUX Double 7 Soffit

LUX Double 7 – two panel vented and smooth soffit.


Smooth & Vented Soffit


Get maximum coverage and venting, while providing cost savings.


The Double 7 Soffit is an extremely versatile and cost-effective soffit solution. The overall 14 inch width of the profile, allows installation of the Double 7 to be completed very quickly – saving time and money. The wide profile also lends itself to a refined architectural aesthetic as it is less visually cluttered and snaps together almost seamlessly. As a vented soffit, the Double 7 is unrivalled in the industry providing 5.376 of venting per linear foot.

The nature of the manufacturing process and the amount of material coverage provided by the Double 7 provides substantial cost saving benefits so you can use even more LUX products on your construction projects!

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Examples of LUX Double 7 Soffit

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