Forma Steel Forma LOC.

Hidden Fastener Standing Seam Panel

Our Forma Loc panel system is a hidden fastener standing seam panel that offers easy installation for roofers and DIY homeowners alike. The panels snap onto each other to hide fasteners beneath, creating a clean and professional appearance to every installation. FormaLoc is available in 12″ and 16″ coverages with minor ribs or striations to minimize oil canning. FormaLoc works well for both roof or side panel applications. With long clean lines, this panel system provides recognized standing seam performance, while remaining an affordable product for a wide array of projects. Forma Loc should always be installed on solid decking.

Note: Striations are recommended over Minor Ribs on all FormaLoc panels as they are much more effective in minimizing oil-canning. 



  • Application: Roof & Wall
  • Roof & Wall Coverage: 12″  – 16″
  • Hidden Fasteners
  • Rib Height: 7/8″
  • Panel Length: up to 35′
  • Standard Panel Wall Coverage: 32″
  • Recommended Roof Slope Greater than 3:12
  • ULUplift Class 90
  • Forma Loc 16″: available in 26 Gauge in Standard Colours
  • Forma Loc 12″: available in 26 and 29 Gauge in Standard Colours
  • Note: Striations are recommended on all FormaLoc panels as they are most effective at minimizing oil canning