Forma Steel Perforated Steel.

Acoustical liner & architectural accents

Ever tried to have a conversation in your shop while someone’s driving the Combine back inside? Sometimes even the regular sounds of power tools in the shop can echo loudly and produce that sharp ringing in you ears. Perforated Acoustical Steel Liner Panels can have immense reductions in noise throughout any structure by as much as 50% and pay off huge dividends in hearing protection.

Perforated Steel Panels can also provide opportunities for custom architectural design accents on any type of building as well as custom trims, ceiling panels, soffit applications and more.

  • White Perforated

  • Black Perforation


  • Available in 24 Gauge, 26 Gauge, and 29 Gauge in Bright White
  • Available in 24 Gauge Black
  • Application: Wall / Soffit / Accent
  • 1/8″ @ 3/8 60 Degree Stagger 10.1% O.A.