Board & Batten Panels

Hidden Fastener Standing Seam Panels

Get a longer lifespan and more design possibilities with our steel upgrade on the popular Board & Batten cladding panel. The batten extrusions provide long clean lines and the shadows they create add dimension and interest to any building design, especially when paired with our Textured Colour Series. The panel system provides a 9.5” coverage, with a 2.25” long batten extruded at just under 0.5” – keeping it flush with other popular cladding profiles. Easy installation with a clip system, and no exposed fasteners makes this a simple yet stylish cladding option for residential and commercial applications.

Panel Profile


  • Wall Coverage: 9-1/2″
  • Hidden Fastener Panel
  • Panel Lengths from 62″  up to 26′
  • 24″ to <62″ Lengths available for cut charge
  • Available in Standard & Woodgrain 24 Gauge Colours
  • Available in 26 Gauge Textured Colours
  • Installed on a floating clip system for ideal thermal expansion and protection

Available in Standard 24 Gauge Colours


Available in 24 Gauge Woodgrain Colours


Available in 26 Gauge Textured Colours

panels for every application

Browse our available panels for Agricultural, Commercial, Residential and Architectural Applications. Looking for something unique? Contact Maxton Panels to discuss custom panel options.​

FC-36 PANEL —Strongest 3/4″ Panel
— Cleaner, Smoother Look
II/6 PANEL— Ideal, Durable Interior Panel
— 32″ Coverage in 26 Gauge
37 7/8″ CORRUGATED— 37″ Coverage in 24 Gauge
BOX RIB SERIES— Folded Box Rib Panel
FR PANEL— Ideal for low-sloped roofs
FR PANEL REVERSE— Reverse Architectural Panel
Architectural Panel

get a cleaner look with hidden fastener panel options

Browse our collection of standing seam, flush wall and plank panel systems. Looking for something else? Contact Maxton Panels to discuss custom panel options.​​​​

SHIPLAP – Slanted Cladding Panel
FORMA LOC – Standing Seam Panel.
MECHANICAL LOC– Commercial Grade Standing Seam Panel.
FORMA PLANK – Wall Panel System.
INTERLOC – Wall & Soffit Panel
NAIL STRIP– Heavier Gauge Standing Seam.
.BOARD & BATTEN PANELS-Vertical Cladding Panel.
– Floating Clip Panel System.

Standard Trim

Maxton Panels provides a full line of steel roofing and siding trims up to 26’10” long.