Forma Steel I/9 Panel.

Similar to FC-36 with a Cleaner, Smoother Look

Our I/9 Panel shares many of the same characteristics of our most-popular FC-36 panel, including the 3/4″ rib height and 9″ spans, but keeps it cleaner with simpleribs and flattens out where the FC-36 features a bell top. This profile provides a smoother appearance for roof and wall applications for a slightly more modern look. A very popular choice for residential roofing and commercial buildings where the ultimate strength of the FC-36 panel is not necessary.



  • Application: Roof & Wall
  • Coverage: 36″
  • Slope 2.5/12 with Overlap Sealant
  • Slope: 3/12 without Sealant
  • Similar to FC-36 with a Cleaner, Smoother Look
  • Available in 29 & 26 Gauge
  • Available in over 30 Colours & Finishes
  • More Colours and Finishes Available by Special Order